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A new distributor in the Canary Islands




We are pleased to announce that all our products can be found in the whole territory of the Canary Islands.

Our new distributor, Mayorist 7 Canary S.L.U., located in Las Palmas, is responsible for the exclusive distribution of all our products, including our Premium gin, 119 Gin.

To contact our distributor, please call Mr. Fernando González Cruz at 66453188. Head offices are located at 9 Roque del Este Str., 2º door D, and the telephone number is 928 79 80 03.

The distribution of our products in the Canary Islands is key for our commercial development, due to the Islands are one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.

The Canary Islands ranked as the second major destination for foreign tourists only behind Cataluña. The Islands were visited for more than 18 million travellers, representing an increase of 4% on 2015.

This is clearly a great opportunity to promote and consolidate our products at national and international level.

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